Business introduction

Product development

The development department is continuously developing new products to reflect customer requests in the products.
We are engaged in a wide range of products related to manufacturing processes, from the design and development of the product itself, such as size, thickness, and shape, to the selection of raw materials, the ratio of raw materials, production costs, and we are creating products with reliable quality.
Production system

We plan and carry out planned production to ensure a stable supply according to orders, and we have a rational production system without waste.
In addition, in order to ensure quality stability, sampling is performed in each manufacturing process, and hygiene inspections are repeated.
Quality management

We produce products that meet customer needs with thorough safety management and high quality.
Raw materials such as flour, eggs, margarine and butter used for products are guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.
Puff pastry dough and cookie dough with a high percentage of butter, margarine, are hard to handle due to their narrow working temperature range, but we can produce them under an environment with appropriate temperature control throughout the year.
From the preparation of raw material to shipment of product, quality is strictly checked in every process to deliver safe and secure products.
<International standard ISO9001 certification>
Acquired international certification standard FSSC22000 certification.
Nagashima shokuhin Co, Ltd has obtained the certification of the international food safety management standard “FSSC 22000” (Food Safety System Certification 22000).
We are committed to quality assurance and improving the quality of our raw materials from the preparation to shipment.
This time, by acquiring “FSSC22000” an international certification standard for food safety management, we will be able to provide our products with more safety and securely. we will continue to work on improving the quality assurance level.
What is the FSSC22000?
This is an international certification standard for food safety management approved by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), which was established mainly by global food manufacturers and food distribution companies.
Based on “ISO22000”, standards such as “ISO/TS22002-1”is included, standard that focuses on hygiene management, which is the premise of food production.